youANDme: Music was my first love and it will be my last.

Who is youANDme?

youANDme is an electronic music project and was created by two friends called Martin and Daniel in 2006. We spend our youth together and after we finished school we moved to Berlin. For nearly 10 years we lived together in a flat with 2 studios. Today Daniel is focussed more on his career as architect and Martin keeps the youANDme project alive.

If I should describe the sound of youANDme I would say it’s a bit the deeper side of music with many funk and soul, but every time raw and kicking. I like to play several styles in one set like house, techno, broken beats, dub or electronica. For me it’s always great if I can play various waves of music and combine everything to a nice story. It’s the same with own productions. You can find some more house inspired tracks, pure techno tracks but also some dubby or ambient stuff.

Past, present & future of youANDme in 3 tracks

Our first international successful track which changed a lot in our career was an edit for Brothers’ Vibe & Mark Broom.

“Jungle Book” was released on Cocoon Recordings and it was played many times by Sven Väth which is always a pleasure.

“Reflection” was released end of 2016 at Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings and I produced it with my friend The Analog Roland Orchestra. It has really nice vocals by the amazing singer Black Soda from South Africa. I have chosen this one for the future because i`m really happy with the production and I will release more of this direction soon.

During the last years you have published on Cocoon, Poker Flat, Rekids, Desolat, Suara, Rhythm Cult, Nervous… How do you manage to be so prolific?

It’s a really natural process. There was never a master plan or I never go to the studio with the fixed idea to make music for the label XYZ. Sometimes I was really lucky to get the connection to a big label. Poker Flat is a good example. In 2013 I released my album “Behind” and Steve Bug post on my Facebook wall that he really loves my album and that he wish I had released it at Poker Flat. That was a big pleasure and the chance to send him some of my other stuff.

Recently you released a remix for Pablo Bolívar and Upercent and you have also released on Suara. What kind of sound from the Spanish scene do you prefer?

I really love the work of Pablo Bolivar and his label Seven Villas or the label Rhythm Cult by Paul Loraine. They have a great taste for quality music and there is always this special deep vibe which I really like. I can feel this vibrations every time when I play in Spain. The audience is often really well educated for good music and its much fun to have a musical journey with the people.

In terms of production, what are your current projects?

There will be soon a release with the amazing singer Gjaezon at one of my favorite labels – Drumpoet Community from Zürich, Switzerland. The release includes 2 great remixes by Quarion and Washerman. Another record will be out in summer at the D.Edge label from Brazil with remixes by Detroit legend Kenny Larkin and Renato Ratier. Later this year I will publish another Drumpoet with vocals of Black Soda and a remix by the rising star Jimi Jules. And of course there will be some new youANDme remixes, e.g. for one of my all time favorite songs on the New York based imprint Nervous Records, for DJ Le Roi on UponYou Records and for Tyoma on Life On Mars Records.

youANDme in one Word

A musical reference?

Steve Reich for the art of reduction.

A label?

Planet E

Live or studio?

Both 🙂

If you could choose one synth, which one would it be?

Roland SH 101

Club or festival?

Both 🙂

A unknown hotspot in Berlin for the music lovers?


Other hobbies apart from music?


Your favorite meal?

Grilled avocado

A book?

Recently “Zarathustra” by Nietzsche

A film?

“Die Methode Reagan”

A real or fiction person who has inspired you?

Matthew Herbert

A place where you’d spend the rest of your days?

My studio 😉

One quote?

Music was my first love and it will be my last.

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